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Theatre with a Tea

Anne Marie hosted Theatre with a Tea podcast where she chatted with designers, musicians, writers, educators, and others behind the scenes of the Philadelphia theatre community and pays them homage for their work. Each artist spills the tea on their success.

Theatre with a Tea is available on Apple podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.


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Anne Marie is an active member at Players Club of Swarthmore.  She is currently a representative of the PCS Theater Production Committee and an originating member of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

Anne Marie is also a theatre director at Springfield High School.

Anne Marie was recently inducted into the Arts and Achievers Hall of Fame at her high school alma mater for her philanthropic contributions to the arts.

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Danny Murply Productions' THE STAR
A New Vocal Competition


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Anne Marie works for Blufox Mobile by day as a Recruiter.  She is actively seeking eager and skilled sales associates, managers, and field trainers in Boston, Houston, Virginia, TN, Maryland, and Florida.

"Our entrepreneurial and innovative work culture ensures limitless opportunities for growth within the company and our excellent training program positions you well to be a successful contributor to this essential business."

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